out of filedescriptors

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Oct 25 23:49:49 UTC 1999

Michael Beckmann <petzi at apfel.de> writes:

> it appears that, when using CNFS, each nnrpd uses as many
> filedescriptors as there are cycbuffs. Now, this leads to a problem
> under the following conditions:

> 1. large spool
> 2. file size is limited to 2 GB in many OS

> Imagine a 400 GB spool, which consists out of 200 cycbuffs.  This would
> mean that a system configured for 4096 file- descriptors could hardly
> handle 20 readers.

> Has anyone solved this problem ?

Not that I'm aware of.  The easiest solution would probably be to fall
back to timecaf or timehash for at least some groups and a decent chunk of
that disk space.

Note that you'll have other problems with that much disk space on-line and
a system without large file support, namely that your history file will
almost certainly go over 2GB.

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