out of filedescriptors

Jonas Luster jonas at qad.org
Tue Oct 26 16:04:16 UTC 1999

[ Quoting Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at nec.co.jp> ]:

> In article <199910260539.BAA28415 at chaos.ao.net>,
> 	Dan Merillat <harik at chaos.ao.net> wrote;
> } course.  As an alternative, which platforms do large CNFS buffers work on?
> Solaris might work, but I've never tested so far.

*BSD does, I've had some 4Gig-Buffers running smoothly on a
NetBSD-Box. IRIX should do, Solaris too, but I've not yet heard of
anyone running CNFS with large Buffers on them.

Linux on !Intel-Boxes does as well, at least on Sparc and Alpha.


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