INN 18-10 coredump

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Tue Oct 26 22:16:11 UTC 1999

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Katsuhiro Kondou  <kondou at> wrote:
>In article <7v4cm1$9vi$1 at>,
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>} (gdb) print Sites[6].Name
>} $15 = 0x92decc0 "1``(\"`@$#`@,%!@4\"!p$````!`a$#(3$$$d$%41,b8084,g&q(x&1\r\nmh='p%19\"4l$sx4-b<x*#dm+q_]h`# ,!``(1`q$`/p#@>n=/@z7=p16k2r13\r\nm65o=`s8u#q(py&vvv:]3u;i<6#m>./;n:=-o\\,j\\md8y-\\f4hu.,g->7##dr\r\nm1<h1;2y^ahvd:me;b5"...
>} .. looks like Sites[6] got corrupted. It should have been "".
>} Weird ?
>That data seems to be the body of a binary article.

Well spotted.

>may find the clue if you investigate where the data starts
>and when it was written.

In-transit articles are also stored in malloc()ed memory, right? In
that case, linking with a debugging malloc should probably find
the cause earlier if this is indeed something that writes over the
boundaries of a malloced area. I'll try that next.

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