active file too far ahead

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Wed Oct 27 19:54:22 UTC 1999

[Per Hedeland]

>   But your Gnus should definitely be able to deal with GROUP's
>   himark being lower than highest-ever/active's - and I'm sure it
>   does, since otherwise it wouldn't work with the vast majority of
>   NNTP servers out there. What problems are you actually having with
>   the GROUP behaviour you see?

Gnus uses LIST ACTIVE when starting up to find out how much new news
has arrived.  But it will only use the answer from GROUP to actually
increase its own highmark in .newsrc.eld.

The problem is with _extremely_ low volume groups.  We have some
groups which see traffic perhaps every two months.  If the highmark is
lowered for whatever reason, Gnus will report unread articles (when
there is none) until someone posts a new message to the group.  This
is very annoying :-)

I don't understand why it is bad to have GROUP return the _real_
highmark.  Are there any advantages to returning a fluctuating value?
Is it to avoid a race condition?

Kjetil T.

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