active file too far ahead

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Oct 27 23:49:20 UTC 1999

Per Hedeland <per at> writes:

> Oops, I'm not sure that was a wise choice, it seems to me that the means
> to identify articles (i.e. server+group+number and/or Message-ID)
> shouldn't be a property of a specific access protocol, but perhaps
> that's mostly academic.

Message-ID is definitely usefor.  Group numbering theoretically isn't,

> Presumably they're not doing the Xref: header as part of article format
> either then...

...usefor is doing Xref in completely obscene detail to support some weird
alternate versions of Supersedes.  I think I've successfully killed the
idea of requiring that no server propagate Xref headers to their peers,

I think usefor bails on the actual group numbering problem by calling it a
site-specific message identifier or some such, though.

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