active file too far ahead

greg andruk gerglery at
Wed Oct 27 20:21:46 UTC 1999

On 27 Oct 1999, Russ Allbery wrote:

> usefor isn't doing either, so far as I understand it; I think article
> numbers were ruled to be a property of the NNTP protocol, not the article
> format.

Where there is some potential overlap is the Xref: header, and the
discussion of what to do about it when a Replaces: header comes along.  
[For those not following usefor, Replaces: is a proposed update to
Supersedes: which in part might act more like an in-place edit than a
repost/cancel combination.]

>  All this is being discussed on the ietf-nntp mailing list, which
> seems to get about two messages every three months.

Yeah, that WG appears to be all but dead =( Regardless, those archives are
an extremely useful read; lots of hysterical background on why and how
things do/don't work (thanks Brian).

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