out of filedescriptors

Michael Beckmann petzi at apfel.de
Thu Oct 28 13:08:48 UTC 1999

On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 03:36:10PM -0700, Brian Kantor wrote:
> BSDI (BSD/OS 4.x) supports large files as CNFS buffers, but it doesn't
> allow memmapping of raw SCSI partitions.  I consider this a bug, since the
> man page says it is supported.   It's not broken, the code is simply not
> there in the kernel.  Perhaps they'll add it later.  I've asked them to.
> On the other hand, it does allow you to get 3000+ file descriptors if needed.
> 	- Brian

I don´t think you can have more than 65536 file descriptors though. This means,
with 200 cycbuffs of 2 GB each, you are still limited to roughly 300 readers.
The 2 GB file limit in Linux i386 really sucks, because even if the cycbuffs
were not a problem, the history will run into it.


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