Case sensitivity in newsfeeds

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sat Oct 30 02:50:45 UTC 1999

In article <ylso2uhtzc.fsf at>,
	Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote;

} It should be case-insensitive, and appears to be so to me.  innd/art.c:
} STATIC BOOL ListHas(char **list, char *p)
} {
}     char                *q;
}     char                c;
}     for (c = *p; (q = *list) != NULL; list++)
}         if (c == *q && caseEQ(p, q))

I think above comparison does not care the first
letter.  If c is 'N' and *q is 'n', it does not
match.  But if c is 'n' and *q is 'n'(e.g. p is
"nEWS", and q is "news"), it matches.  'c == *q'
should not be done.  Maybe this was done due to
performance decrease.  I'll drop it.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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