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Thu Sep 9 01:14:04 UTC 1999


Paul Theodoropoulos:
> The other issue that's come up is that my many CNFS buffers for catchall 
> are already cycling, after only about four days of spooling. I'd hoped for 
> a longer retention time. Has anyone used the SEQUENTIAL mode for CNFS 
> buffers, and would this have the effect I think it might, that is, articles 
> would tend to stick around longer, since the 'oldest' CNFS buff would tend 
> to not be written to as frequently?

All sequential mode does is to distribute the article write load between
your disks differently (i.e., not at all).

Sequential mode makes sense when you have CNFS buffers that differ in size,
or when you have all buffers on one disk (to reduce seeking) if your file
size is limited to 2GB.

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