Perl portability

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Sep 9 05:59:26 UTC 1999

The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at> writes:

> So that we maintain the history (unless this absolutely doesn't matter?
> *raised eyebrow*), I can login and just move the file around inside the
> repository...

Copy's better than move because move screws up branches (since it'll still
be patchlevel.h in the 2.2 branch).

> My thought is that retaining the 'history' of patchlevel.h probably
> doesn't matter though, does it?

If maintaining cvs log continuity isn't important, the cleanest way to do
this is just with cvs add and cvs remove on the main branch; that way one
doesn't have to muck with the repository and the branches are happy.  I
didn't know if there was already a set procedure for dealing with this in
INN, though.

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