Coding style

Olaf Titz olaf at
Thu Sep 9 22:48:27 UTC 1999

> IMHO, I'd rather have the source wholly _tab_ified. That way, people can
> choose for themselves how far to indent everything and there won't be merge
> problems for everybody.

Only if _every_ indentation is a tab. People who use Emacs and the
common "BSD" indent style produce 4-step indent with 8-step tabs. The
result is a mix of tab and space indentation and almost impossible to
merge, and only easy to correct with an equally powerful editor. Add
to that those folks who like 3-step indent and you get a glorious
mess. :-)

(Unless you follow Linus' policy of 8-step indent. Good for new code,
bad for old code which bumps on the right margin painfully often. Even
Linux in the network section is not for 80-column screens.)


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