cleanfeed and poison groups ...

Matti Saarinen mjs at
Tue Sep 14 15:41:32 UTC 1999

The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at> writes:

> Before I go and risk hosing my cleanfeed.conf file, is the following okay?
> 'poison_groups' =>
>         'bainar|^01alt\.|^ALT\.|^Alt\.|bianries|binairies|binaires|^GPsemi\.',  
>         '^NetSet\.|^Internet|alt\.sex.*pictures|pictures.*preteen',
>         'images.*preteen|pedophilia|alt.binaries.erotica|binares',
>         '^alt.alt.binaries|^alt.binaries.picture.erotica',
>         'alt.binaries.picturea|\.',
>         'alt.binaries.picutes|alt.binaries.picutres|alt.binaries.picutures',
>         'alt.binaries.picyures|alt.binary|alt.binaties|alt.binries',

You should change every comma (",") but not the last one to dot (".")
Perl catenates the parts separated with dot into one string.

The comma separates the members of %config. 

For example bin_allowed from our cleanfeed.conf looks like this:

   'bin_allowed' => '|^sfnet\.tiedostot$|^alt\.nocem\.misc$|^sfnet\.nocem$'.

- Matti -

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