filter stuff

greg andruk meowing at
Sat Sep 18 06:26:12 UTC 1999

Are any of the python filter users on this list?  I want to make some
changes there but think it good to ask first.  Specifically, I can do
away with a bucketload of malloc and copy slowness by using buffer
objects instead of strings.  Most string and re methods treat these
objects as equivalent, but there are a few cases where you would need
to coerce using buffer() or str().

The three ways I could go on this are:

 1 leave the slow copies in place.
 2 make the change and document how to work with buffer objects.
 3 add and document the buffer stuff but keep string objects in there
   as an option.

Any opinions? I'm leaning toward #2, since this stuff isn't in any
"official" INN versions as yet.

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