msg-id generation

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Sep 21 14:42:15 UTC 1999

Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at> writes:
> Quoting Russ Allbery (rra at

>> I wonder if it would make sense to use pathhost instead, or if we
>> should add an additional inn.conf parameter for this, like hostname,
>> that would be returned by GetFQDN() rather than trying lookups.

> I'd be all for using pathhost.  I'd rather not expose the names of the
> machines on my network outside, and the way the messageid is currently
> generated does that.

Yeah, I agree that the current method isn't the best idea.  My worry about
using pathhost is that some people use all sorts of odd things for their
path host and we could end up with message IDs that aren't fully
qualified, which would be bad.

Maybe tack domain onto the end of pathhost for message ID generation if it
doesn't contain a .?  Would that work?

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