msg-id generation

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Sep 21 15:13:35 UTC 1999

greg andruk <meowing at> writes:

> innconf->fromhost looks like it would do the job, and it already
> defaults to the FQDN if not set in inn.conf.

I knew I was forgetting an innconf parameter that mostly did what we want.

Okay, one final problem.  Suppose you've got a news farm of twenty-odd
machines hiding behind  You probably want just in e-mail addresses, but if you use that for message ID
generation as well, doesn't that then run a non-trivial risk of duplicate
message IDs?

The reason to use the FQDN is so that you can be fairly sure no other
system is generating message IDs in the same namespace....

domain has this same problem, I think.

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