msg-id generation

Per Hedeland per at
Tue Sep 21 15:15:48 UTC 1999

greg andruk <meowing at> wrote:
>In nnmh:inn-workers, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:
>> Maybe tack domain onto the end of pathhost for message ID generation if it
>> doesn't contain a .?  Would that work?
>innconf->fromhost looks like it would do the job, and it already
>defaults to the FQDN if not set in inn.conf.

I think using either pathhost or fromhost *by default* has a problem,
since AFAIK it is quite reasonable to set them the same on a number of
hosts, which would substantially increase the risk of generating
duplicate msg-id's on different hosts. Of course I guess it was that
(having the same domain-part of the msg-id on multiple hosts) the
original message in this thread asked for, but IMHO that's a Bad
Idea(tm) unless the id generation is changed to include something
host-specific in the local-part - which is silly, that's what the
domain-part is *for*...

--Per Hedeland
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