msg-id generation

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Tue Sep 21 15:21:51 UTC 1999

In message <199909211505.QAA21329 at>you write:
>> Maybe tack domain onto the end of pathhost for message ID generation if it
>> doesn't contain a .?  Would that work?
>Don't forget that certain characters are legal in pathhost, but
>may not be legal in the Message-ID (or will, at least, trip certain
>Message-ID checkers. e.g: '!'.

True.  I've actually had occasion to use a ! in pathhost, when
changing the news server's pathname (setting the pathhost to
"newname!oldname" means that your paths show "newname!oldname!...",
which means your peers won't be offering all your articles back to you
if they haven't yet gotten around to changing their newsfeeds entries
for you. )

>I vote for the 'domain' option in inn.conf. It is, after all, used
>if the GetFQDN routine doesn't work.

That's probably the best choice, yeah. 

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