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Wed Sep 22 16:05:13 UTC 1999

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> 	Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at> wrote;
> } I don't have the source code for the server on freenet-news, but it's inn
> } 1.4.<something>.  Any idea why it's deferring most of what's offered to it?
> Current inn including any of 2.* responds 431, if the
> article is to be sent on another channel.

What does that mean "is to be sent on another channel"?  That it's already
gotten an offer from another feed but hasn't got the article yet?  Because is innfeed-ing both freenet9 and freenet-news, and then freenet9 is
innfeed-ing freenet-news, so I could see that happening if freenet9 were
offering to freenet-news an article it just got from

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