xover problems in 2.2.1

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at garg.mpn.cp.philips.com
Fri Sep 24 10:28:40 UTC 1999

Hello group,

My xover problem is back :-( We upgraded our V2_2_19981110 production
systems to V2_2_1, the latest official release.

Some groups show *corrupt* xover info. This occasionally occurs for
certain timeframes. I cannot make head or tails from it.

Our setup: BSDI4.0.1 on Intel, fully patched. INN-2.2.1 CNFS + timehash
for local groups. And from inn.conf some hopefully useful entries:
activedenable:  true
articlemmap:    false
extendeddbz:    false
nnrpdoverstats: true
nnrpdcheckart:  false
overviewmmap:   false
storageapi:     true
wireformat:     false

Peeking at the inn-1999-09-23_03-01 snapshot i find that overview.c
doesn't exist anymore... so there is active overview work in progress.
Peeking at the inn-STABLE_2_2-1999-09-23_03-0 snapshot i find no
differences in overview.c with the 2.2.1 version. Am i the only one with
problems here ?

Any help is appreciated.

Btw1, can someone please confirm that the following is the correct method
of regenerating just my overview databases (the makehistory manual page
in inn-STABLE_2_2-1999-09-23_03-02 is somewhat cryptical) ?

1 stop innd (ctlinnd throttle, shutdown), actived etc.
2 remove all uniover directories completely.
3 makehistory -I $PATHTMP/newindex -O -n -b -x
4 sort -t' ' +1 -2 $PATHTMP/newindex > $PATHTMP/newindex.sorted
5 expireindex -a -o -z < $PATHTMP/newindex.sorted

   Hans Lambermont
ir. Hans Lambermont, Architect/Developer, Hans.Lambermont at nl.origin-it.com
Origin IT MS/INS, Intranet Services       tel/fax: (+31 40 27) 85376/88729
PO Box 218, 5600MD Eindhoven, Netherlands VN507      gsm: (+31) 6 53252172

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