Severe xover corruption problems on INN2.2.1

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at
Thu Sep 30 13:40:13 UTC 1999

Hello group,

We have severe xover corruption problems on INN2.2.1 production systems.

Only some groups show corrupted xover info, and this occasionally occurs
for certain timeframes. I cannot make head or tails from it.

The corruption shows as missing parts from the subject or msg-id
entries, etc:

Bad overview record, article no 84203; no Message-Id: field.
Bad overview record, article no 84204; no Subject: field.
Bad overview record, article no 84205; syntax error in Message-Id: field.

Like this:

102760  4yv.1f5zuchipyheyN at> etc.
102763  ntrol.cancel:54660852 cmsg cancel <IE2G6P0K.7K0 at> etc.

We also have duplicate message-id's according to xover and expire:

Bad overview record, articles 84216 and 84215 have identical
                     message-id's: <ylso3xfuwi.fsf at>
Duplicate message-id "[21352E092E0B55ED2CCF74DE5CF4FF37]" in history        

Our setup: BSDI4.0.1 on Intel, fully patched. INN-2.2.1 CNFS + timehash
for local groups. Cycbuff's are 1GB each. Some entries from inn.conf:
activedenable:  true
articlemmap:    false
extendeddbz:    false
nnrpdoverstats: true
nnrpdcheckart:  false
overviewmmap:   false
storageapi:     true
wireformat:     false

Peeking at the inn-1999-09-23_03-01 snapshot i find that overview.c
doesn't exist anymore... so there is active overview work in progress.

Peeking at the inn-STABLE_2_2-1999-09-23_03-0 snapshot i find no
differences in overview.c with the 2.2.1 version (but perhaps the
problem originates elsewhere).

Any help is appreciated.

   Hans Lambermont
ir. Hans Lambermont, Architect/Developer, Hans.Lambermont at
Origin IT MS/INS, Intranet Services       tel/fax: (+31 40 27) 85376/88729
PO Box 218, 5600MD Eindhoven, Netherlands VN507      gsm: (+31) 6 53252172

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