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Thu Sep 30 19:12:14 UTC 1999

> Does anyone have experience with innfeed's internals? I have a little
> question :)

I have a little experience here.... You're exactly right: when innfeed has to
start spooling to a backlog file, then the articles in the backlog will be
serviced during the idle momements when innd isn't sending article info down
the pipe.

On one hand this is good, because if a host has been down for a long time and
the backlog is huge, then innfeed will be stuffing good article data onto the
back of the backlog, and pulling expired (i.e. bad) article data off the
front. In this situation you can have innfeed not send anything for a long
time while it sorts through and throws away the bad data.

On the other hand this is bad, because when feeding a slave, if articles
arrive out of sequence, then readers can get confused by the numbering holes
that get created and then filled up.

Fixing this would be good, but should probably be a per-feed setting.

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