ME two filenames for same article

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Apr 2 01:35:52 UTC 2000

Paul Theodoropoulos <paul at> writes:

> since it's the start of a new month (and i've got the free time), i
> decided to do a 'clean' rebuild of my feed exchanger - wiped all the
> cycbuffs clean with /dev/zero, deleted the history, and compiled and
> installed today's snapshot. i'm up and running fine, but i'm see a
> pretty fair number of the following in my logs:

> Apr  1 17:08:06 HSNX innfeed[19071]: ME two filenames for same article: 
> @030254485200000000000000053E00000001@: @03025448520000000000001C6F6C00000003@

Looking at the innfeed code around this, this would appear to indicate
that you have two articles stored on disk, or at least in the history
file, with the same message ID.  How you got there, I'm rather not sure.
Is the nightly report reporting duplicate articles?

> this is under solaris 7 sparc, gcc2.95.2, and a freshly installed perl
> 5.6.0 (which - just as with the development perl versions - required
> commenting out the include of ppport.h in perl.c for innd/, nnrpd/, and
> lib/ order to build inn).

I don't think I've seen the error messages that result from having
ppport.h not commented out; could you send them along?  Thanks.

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