creating inn with largefiles

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Apr 9 20:48:13 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at> writes:

> goes everything ok.  I'm not sure this is right way to fix, but I'd like
> to know whether or not.

Unfortunately, _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE doesn't redefine all of the standard
functions, which is what INN relies on.  I don't think you actually get an
INN that supports large files if you go that way.  (man lfcompile and man
lfcompile64 have some more details on how this all works on Solaris.)

I've successfully compiled INN with large file support, though, on Solaris
2.6 with the current settings (although I haven't tested to make sure that
it worked as I expected).  Not sure what the difference might be... do you
have current patches for your system?  It sounds like some of the
redefinition magic wasn't done correctly and one of the 64-bit structs
wasn't defined before being used in a function declaration (probably via
the old struct being used).

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