Fw: innd suggestion

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at fantomas.sk
Mon Apr 10 07:37:01 UTC 2000

-> > I would like to suggest dropping the date from the subject mail
-> > generated by the news.daily script, as when using a mail reader that
-> > does threading, it creates a seperate thread for each report. As the
-> > date is already present in the header and body of the email, it is not
-> > required in the subject. See attached patch.
-> As someone who uses a threaded mail reader to read news.daily reports, I
-> really like this behavior; I prefer to see each nightly report in a
-> separate thread.  I'm not even sure why one would want them all to be one
-> thread....

I use threaded mail reader and I'd like to have them in one thread; I also
get reports from more than one server
We should probably set the Subject: of daily report optionally
SUBJECT=`uname -n` daily usener report for `date`

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