Examples on how others use expire/expirerm/fastrm ?

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 10 08:36:47 UTC 2000

I see that you largely fixed your later problems; sorry about the delay in
responding to your mail.

John Kozubik <john_kozubik at hotmail.com> writes:

> Everything is going well with my innd using storageapi (cycbuffs.conf
> and storage.conf), except that I notice the following files:

> /usr/local/news/db/history   and
> /usr/local/news/db/history.pag

> are getting quite large.

They do that... they top out at about 800MB on my server, which is getting
a fullish feed but only accepting a much smaller portion of it (but with a
reasonable retention period).

One thing you may want to try is reducing artcutoff to 7 in inn.conf and
then changing the /remember/ line in expire.ctl to 7.  14 is the default,
but it's a bit excessive these days I think.  Most news gets there in

In fact, I think I may change the default.  What do the other inn-workers
folks think?

> And with /var/log/news/news ... since this is just a log file, can I
> just shut down the news server, clean it all out, and then restart the
> news server?

Yup, you can do that.

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