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Mon Apr 10 08:40:42 UTC 2000

Ricardo Rage Ferro <rrferro at> writes:

> I'm trying to manipulate the Inn-News code in C, intending to do the INN
> News (NNRP) and LDAP connection.  I've changed the nnrpd.c (specially
> the PERMinfile function) code adding LDAP API C functions which would do
> the authentication against LDAP. I have also changed the syslog to print
> some useful informations for my debug :-).

If you're still working on this project, it would be much better to do so
on INN 2.3 if you aren't already, rather than on the old INN 2.2 code
base.  The reader authentication process has changed completely in 2.3.
You can get current snapshots from in /isc/inn/snapshots.

> Here what I've done:

> My application has 2 phases:

> (1) First, when PERMinfile is called, first it tests if user and pass
> (given by the user's popup) is the same as user and pass which is listed
> in LDAP (instead of checking the server's passwd file, it checks against
> LDAP).

This sounds like a good authenticator to add to the set of authenticators
that come with INN.  If the code is available, I'd love to see it.  It
will be much easier to do this using the new external authenticator
support than hacking the old nnrp.access code.

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