empty newgroup messages

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 10 09:27:34 UTC 2000

Miquel van Smoorenburg <list-inn-workers at news.cistron.nl> writes:

> Often, I receive empty control messages by mail like this:

>   Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 14:15:52 +0100
>   From: news <news at wormhole.cistron.net>
>   Message-Id: <200001041315.OAA25849 at wormhole.cistron.nl>
>   To: usenet at wormhole.cistron.net
>   Subject: newgroup oesterreich.alle.sind.ganz.lieb.zu y l.moosi at gmx.net
>   X-Envelope-To: miquels at cistron.nl
>   Lines: 0

> .. while the control message in control.newgroup does contain the whole
> body. Is anybody else seeing this? I can't find anything wrong in
> bin/controlchan, the perl code to mail the controlmessage to newsmaster
> looks fine.

I haven't seen this... are you still seeing this periodically?  If so, are
you using controlchan, or the internal control message handling?

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