Oguz YILMAZ oguz at
Wed Apr 12 07:01:06 UTC 2000

I have solve the problem.It was bcause of nnrpd.access as you think.

On 11 Apr 2000, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Oguz YILMAZ <oguz at> writes:
> > I have installed inn to my server but I have a silly problem.  I want to
> > open local newsgroups. I have nothing to do with USENET.  I was able to
> > open newsgroups by ctlinnd but when someone wanted to reach our server
> > by NNTP from outside, inn asks for password.
> > What is this password?
> > How can I disable password?
> This was a very old message that I had sitting in the unanswered pile.
> Are you still having this problem?  It sounds like you have nnrp.access
> configured so as to require a password for reading those groups, or at
> least not giving everyone you want to have access to those groups the
> right access.
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