Examples on how others use expire/expirerm/fastrm ?

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 13 18:08:38 UTC 2000

pedophile at fluffy.gets.an.analprobe.dk writes:
> On Wed 2416 Sep 1993, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> Well, I'm currently running with a 7-day cutoff, and I'm not seeing a huge
>> number:

>> Server               Total  Group Dist Duplic Unapp TooOld Site Line Other
>> TOTAL: 35           772639 573715    0  56354   395    213    0    0 141962

>> Of course, I don't try to accept every hierarchy, and more obscure
>> hierarchies may have more of a problem with this.  213 too-old articles
>> doesn't seem like much to me.

> So few, eh?  May I ask, what is your `/remember/' value?

Also 7.

So if there are tons of old articles out there, they're in all those
articles I'm throwing away.  Which is possible; I run a bizarre active
file strategy, I realize.  :)

> You mentioned earlier you had about 800MB for your history files, and
> since the above shows me that you're tossing more than half the articles
> in a feed for being in unwanted newsfroups, I'd like to know that (I'm
> guessing you don't remember trash either)...

I do remember trash.

> I guess that since I go into panic mode as soon as I see a single
> article rejected as being too old, the total numbers are somewhat
> smaller than I would like to think.  Unfortunately, I don't have the
> logs from back when I was rejecting articles older than 7 days to be
> able to say anything about total numbers in a full feed...

I see almost as many articles rejected for being more than a day in the
future as are rejected for being more than seven days old.  My personal
inclination is to call it noise, let people tune it to higher values if
they want, and drop the default to 10 days at least given that we
currently have only spotty support for history files >2GB.

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