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Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Apr 14 17:44:40 UTC 2000

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Matthew Harrell wrote:

> I said:
> : One way is to make the n.g. moderated so all messages go to the list post
> : address. I never tried any of the stuff which comes with news, it wasn't
> : there when I started doing gateways back in Bnews days, but I just keep
> : the mail message-id and let the news server cope with dups, news does that
> : well. So everything goes into news first, and a split second later an
> : accepted article gets fed to a news2mail hack and mailed to the list.
> Well I was trying to make it transparent so you could either respond to the
> news article or to respond to the email and appropriate action would be taken.

Just so. If you reply to the list, the address is the injector, which
pushes it into news, and the news feed pushes it out to the list.
Typically this takes a few seconds after the article reaches the list
address, and it goes to both news and the list.

If you reply to the article, the group is set moderated, so the post is
mailed to, you guessed it, the same address.

The injector needs a bit of logic to play with the headers, build or leave
references, etc, but I based mine on deleting every header I didn't really
need. Subtlety is not needed there.

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