Problem with cycbuffs

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 17 05:03:11 UTC 2000

inn2 <inn2 at> writes:

> I'm using inn-2000-04-02_03-01 on Linux version 2.0.38 
> I had the following problem when one of my cycbuffs got almost full

> Apr 17 05:03:05 enyo innd: CNFS-sm: cnfs_store xwritev failed for 'N3A'
> offset 0x7af36000: No space left on device
> Apr 17 05:03:05 enyo innd: SERVER cant store article: cnfs_store()
> xwritev() failed

Usually this happens if the configured length of the cycbuff is slightly
more than the actual length of the file, is slightly over 2GB, or if the
disk is out of space.  What does ls -l, df, and cycbuff.conf say about the

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