Problem with ctlinnd newgroup

Vallo Kallaste vallo at
Mon Apr 17 16:46:23 UTC 2000

On Mon, Apr 17, 2000 at 06:02:31PM +0200, Ollivier Robert <ollivier.robert at> wrote:

> According to Nicole Britz:
> > I'm running INN 2.2.2 on FreeBSD 3.4 with TradSpool. Everything
> > has been working fine, but suddenly INN crashes each time I do
> > 'ctlinnd newgroup y' and my active is full of
> > those ^@ or duplicates of other lines in the active file.
> Verify your MMAP settings. Upgrading to FreeBSD 4.0 will probably fix the
> problem. I have 2.3 from November on my laptop (5.0-CURRENT mostly
> equivalent to 4.0 WRT the VM) and it works fine.
> 2.2.2 was crashing the same way with this laptop.

Should I disable all mmap options? I'm running exactly same
configuration and had active corruption some months ago.

Vallo Kallaste
vallo at

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