expire problems

Elena Samsonova E.Samsonova at planetinternet.nl
Wed Apr 26 08:19:44 UTC 2000

Hi Mauricio,

> During the expiring process in the inn 2.2.1, I try to run "news.daily
> expireover lowmark" and it returns me the following message:
> usenet... User unknow
> /usr/local/new/deadletter... Saved message in
> /usr/local/news/dead.letter
> It tryes to send a message to an inexistent user called usenet!! And
> doesn perform the expiring process.
> What's wrong?

The user or the alias to the user should exist on the system.  See
sendmail documentation for aliasing.  Or hack news.daily not to send mail
to this user. :)
The content is the usual news.daily report.


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