latest BETA, CNFS and ovdb

Julien Oster joster+inn at
Wed Apr 26 16:47:49 UTC 2000

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 11:03:41AM -0500, Heath Kehoe wrote:


it now seems that _every_ article I try to fetch via MessageID gets
me to the wrong article (which is actually the first article I posted to the
new newsserver)

> Hmm... when you retrieve an article by message ID, it does not use overview.
> It uses the history file instead.  Try this, and see if the correct article
> comes out:

> sm `grephistory '<messageID>'`

Tried it a bit, fiddled around with it and... yes, seems to be the history.
grephistory tells me correctly if I try to get an article by a Message ID
that does not exist (and I just changed one character in the middle), but
every existing article gives me the same response:


> If you can't get the correct article this way, then something is wrong
> with history or article storage.

I see.

> If retrieving articles by groupname and article number, and the
> wrong article comes out, then it may be an overview problem.

nope, everything seems ok this way.

Well, then now just let us rebuild the history... <please wait :)>

Aaah. It works. BTW, do I really need to first shutdown inn before rebuilding

But fine. What could have went wrong?

> I agree.  What OS are you running, and what version of BerkeleyDB?

OpenBSD/i386 2.6 - Berkeley DB 3.0

But now that doesn't seem to be of interest anymore :)


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