Error in makehistory man page

Richard Todd rmtodd at
Thu Apr 27 23:48:00 UTC 2000

In message <20000428073047S.kondou at>, Katsuhiro Kondou w
>In article <m12kgnu-004NgSC at>,
>	Richard Todd <rmtodd at> wrote;
>} A recent discussion in caused me to look closely at the
>} man page for makehistory(8).  Alas, I apparently wasn't paying attention
>} when the revisions of the man pages for 2.3 went by, as I didn't notice
>} that the description of the -u option was horribly out of date.  See 
>} below:
>This reminds me my posting;
>Still '-u' is needed?

I'd say the ability to have makehistory only generate history/overview 
data for articles that aren't in the current history database is a nice
feature to have around, and doesn't require too much effort to support 
(the actual code behind the current -u implementation is pretty minimal). 

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