INN config file parsing infrastructure

Marco d'Itri md at
Sun Apr 30 20:01:56 UTC 2000

On Apr 30, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

 >quotes in the string and to continue lines.  Note that something like:
 >    parameter: "first line\
 >        second line"
 >would result in a literal newline being part of the string assigned to
 >that parameter.
I think this is confusing. This behaviour is very non intuitive, when
UNIX programs implement \-escaping the \\n sequence is usually special

 >Semicolons inside quotes don't terminate the value, of course.  Finally,
 ># (outside of a quoted value) begins a comment that lasts to the end of
 >the line.  The parser should be able to handle lines of arbitrary length.
Maybe C and C++ comments should be supported too, like BIND does.
I think C comments are useful because they allow to quickly comment
whole blocks.

Other than these details, I think your proposal is very good. What about
making a separate package with just this code for authors who may want
to use it in their programs?


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