another update to ovdb_server.c

Scott Gifford sgifford at
Wed Dec 6 19:17:40 UTC 2000

> :: >All is not so well with Slowaris -- neither MAP_ANONYMOUS nor
> :: >MAP_ANON are mentioned in the man page.
> :: 
> :: Are they defined by the headers?
> Moment...
>  tum de dum
> Hmmm, nope.  (release 5.7 here)  I can offer ya MAP_SHARED or
> unimplemented MAP_RENAME.  Nothing resembing MAP_ANON* though.
> :: I found a way to get around a lack of MAP_ANON[YMOUS]; and
> Okay, I'll try it out (with 3.2.3 for laughs) on the accursed
> Slowaris machine that has cost many years off my life, just to
> see.

  Haven't really been following this thread, but I've programmed with
mmap on Solaris before, so I thought I'd chime in...

  I belive that Solaris implements anonymous memory mapping by mapping
the "/dev/zero" device.  According to Stevens (in UNIX Network
Programming Volume 2, pg 315), this should also work on BSD systems
after version 3.1, so you might find that you can get away with just
using that, rather than checking for MAP_ANON* support and having
different behaviors on different systems.

  Hope this helps,


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