Problem using trn & INN 2.3.1

Richard Todd rmtodd at
Sat Dec 9 01:01:15 UTC 2000

In servalan.mailinglist.inn-workers <NewsUser at> writes:
>Yeah, this is something I've noticed on my test swerver -- that people
>connect and pull the entire overview data, which means recreating it
>out of the database, and that's pretty expensive.  Or at least it

The last time I looked at nn, it did that too, always fetching the overview
for the entire group.  This is because the innards of nn are a horrid ancient
mess that still mostly thinks it's accessing a local proprietary 'nnmaster'
database, with the XOVER code trying to fake the structures the nnmaster-using
code wants, and nobody has had the courage to wade in to where the Dragons 
Lie and rewrite the large chunks of code that would be needed.   

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