Kernel panic on a FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE with innfeed

jpsp at jpsp at
Wed Dec 13 14:09:56 UTC 2000

Charles R00t wrote:
> :: times where the system crashed miserability with
> :: a kernel panic (page fault in protected mode),
> :: blaming "innfeed" for the problem.
> ::
> :: Well, this seems like a kernel problem, but
> This probably has nothing to do with innfeed -- at least, I've
> never seen innfeed capable of inducing a panic on a well-tuned
> system.
> How have you configured your kernel?  You are probably running
> out of some resource somewhere.  Have you bumped up the number
> of maxusers, and if needed, further fudged the NMBCLUSTERS and
> number of max open files up, which are the two things I've seen
> that have caused kernel panics on a network-serving machine?

We've just beefed up network buffers (1K->32K), removed
useless devices, added "ccd" pseudo-device, and
increased MAXDSIZ (->512M) and DFLDSIZ (->512M).
This is a Dell PowerEdge 4400 with 0.5GB RAM, and
3 SCSI-3 Seagate disks on a Adaptec aic7899. The NIC
is an Intel Pro 10/100B/100+.

Maybe there's a checklist somewhere about fine-tunning
freeBSD for INN?

We're also runnning a "vmstat" and "ps axlw"
every minute (but there were no incidents since then)


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