INN problem with delivering overview data

Patrick Vervoorn vervoorn at
Sat Dec 16 10:39:20 UTC 2000


When reading a large group using trn from an INN 2.4.0 server, suddenly
something weird is returned from the server, which causes trn to (again)
fall back to one of the more archaic ways of getting the newsgroup

This is what I can get from the debugging information log from trn:

>XOVER 690079-692078
<224 690079-692078 fields follow
>XOVER 692079-694078
<224 692079-694078 fields follow
>XOVER 694079-696078
>HEAD 661079
>HEAD 661081

What happened here? Is the overview file on the newsserver damaged? Or is
something else the matter?


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