Can I run multiple overchan on CNFS/OVDB safely?

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at
Mon Dec 18 00:00:22 UTC 2000

Is there any reason not to run multiple overchan processes?

I am trying to track down a performance problem on my 2.4 installation.

My feed machine/aggregator is sucking in about 200GB/day, no problem.

My reader machine gets it's only feed from this aggregator, and nothing
I can do seems to get it to suck in data fast enough.

There are long pauses on the reader machine with disk I/O on the overview
drives is extremely high, and if I watch netstat -w  1 output, I receive
about 2-3 MBytes/second for about 20 seconds.  THen it slows waaaay down to only a few K
per second for 10-15 seconds.  AT the same time systat -iostat  is shoinw 
intense pounding on the overview disks.

THen it picks back up again.

I have tried splitting large and small articles, splitting off
control messages, I'm just about out of brilliant ideas.

SO I want to see if it's overview holding up the process, and wondering
if it's legal/supported.

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