Swapping HUB system

jpsp at fccn.pt jpsp at fccn.pt
Fri Dec 22 10:17:21 UTC 2000

Hello all,

We have an unstable netnews HUB and need to change it 
to another machine.
	We would like to maintain the service running 
to our netnews descendants as much as possible, and
without losing articles.

The way I see it, the algorithm could
be something like this:

 1. configure the new machine (inn included)
 2. stop the old machine
 3. copy the old machine's backlogs to the new (a few hours
    I suspect). Do not copy the history file.
 4. the new machine assumes the network indentity of
    the old, and resumes the descendants feeds
 5. the old machine sends, through NNTP, all it's
    articles to the new system
 6. when the old system has no more articles to send,
    the process is finished

Is this feasible? Is there a better way?


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