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Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Thu Dec 28 18:14:18 UTC 2000

-> > -> innd(8) records the following convention for innd logging:

-> > Well, I am currently writing some utils that analyze syslog output for
-> > my employer. I found innd one of programs that are very hard to analyze
-> > because there's no simple way of analyzing it all, except of playing in
-> > patterns or substring operations (I am doing it in perl) and thus I
-> > will process innd later (and maybe make a patch)
-> I've also written one tool (in C this time) to analyze trafic with peers
-> because innreport is not good at this job (probably my fault).
-> I've just made it available there :
-> If you try it, you will see that incoming data are underestimated because
-> of a real lack of checkpoints entries. Depending of the server on the
-> other side, connections can stay alive more than a day without producing
-> a single line of log :( I think INN should definitly be modified to
-> avoid this. (no time yet to produce a patch).

Well my current work is based on analyzing what syslog output means, not
producing output. We will probably put data SQL into database and making
graphs etc isn't my work now. I need to analyse output in meaning what each
line means and that's why I want to have logs that can be easily

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