Confirmation on multiple makehistory's with buffindexed.

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at
Fri Dec 29 18:52:05 UTC 2000

OK, I have dumped OVDB for now to use buffindexed, until ovdb
on my platform stablizes (which is being tested on a different box).

So I got a read-error in a buffindexed buffer, and had to zero it out.

Using what's-his-faces multiple makehistory idea, I have 8 of the 
little hummers running in the background.

Now I know that if you use innd and makehistory -O -F at the same time
the # of articles count can be off.

But is there anything wrong with running multiple makehistories
with buffindexed?

ie, makehistory + innd = off-counts in group commands.
    makehistory * 8 = off-counts?
    makehistory * 8 = Hunky dory, no problemo?

Not sure which of the latter 2 is true.

Secondly, after I clean it up a tad, I have a perl script that 
will generate a set of cycbuff.conf/inn.conf/storage.conf's and
a script to run them that will allow you to parrallelize the
makehistories on a per cycbuff basis.

I'll ship it out later today.

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