tvasquez at mail.mdanderson.org tvasquez at mail.mdanderson.org
Tue Feb 1 14:54:13 UTC 2000

Just asking a typical question on overview which seems to be a mystery to me and
others.  My news  (Solaris) system will run for almost a full 24 hours when  the
system THROTTLES due to the overview file error.  What are the mechanics that is
causing this problem and how can I fix the problem

The error message is as follows:

$ ctlinnd mode
Server throttled Error 0 writing creating overview file -- throttling
Allowing remote connections
Parameters c 14 i 50 (41) l 1000000 o 243 t 300 H 2 T 60 X 0 normal specified
Not reserved
Readers separate disabled Error 0 writing creating overview file -- throttling
Perl filtering enabled


Tom Vasquez
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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