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Mon Feb 7 00:49:25 UTC 2000

Richard Couture <rrc at> writes:
> 27Dec1999 11:32AM (-0800) From [rra at] rra [Russ Allbery]

>> Sounds like you don't have an innfeed.conf set up that knows about that
>> outgoing feed.

> You nailed it...  No entry there though I remember putting one in.  Must
> of been overwritten during one of my frantic, "Let's try this again"
> routines.

> How do I get it to go out? Do I run nntpsend?  I have never used innfeed
> before, though I have been running news for 12 years now.

I'm not sure this ever got a response... I think this was asking about how
to get the messages that you had in innfeed.dropped files to get
propagated out to your peers now that you've fixed your innfeed
configuration.  For the record, INN comes with a Perl script called
procbatch that will process files like an innfeed dropped article file and
create batch files that it can drop into the innfeed directory, and which
innfeed will pick up and process after a bit.

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