No space (newslib)

Qonita qoni198 at
Wed Feb 9 10:23:48 UTC 2000

On 8 Feb 2000, Roland Jesse wrote:

> Readers separate disabled No space (newslib) [innwatch:38] 22882 lt 25000
> Perl filtering enabled
> Disk usage:
> /local/scratch/news/db                        23662 Kbytes available
> That sounds like enough (>20MB) free space to me. How much is needed?
> Shall I resize the files in spool/articles to make some space?

I had this kind of error once and my free space was about 20 MB.
I moved spool and cycbuffs to another disk partition (with bigger space)
and make symbolic links to there, then inn works well. That other
partition has about 1 G free space. 
anyway, does anyone know how much space actually we need?
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