incoming.conf: patterns: & SMBUF

Todd Olson tco2 at
Fri Feb 11 19:10:10 UTC 2000


At 11:17 +0900 2000/02/11, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
>In article <v04210117b4c8b6028292@[]>,
>	Todd Olson <tco2 at> wrote;
>} BTW:  Does incoming.conf  offer any sort of multiline continuation
>}       syntax, or are key: values  limited to one per line?
>Nope.  'Key: values' must be in one line.
>Katsuhiro Kondou

Thanks for the clarification.

If this issue has already been hashed out before, just point me to 
the discussion, ...

It seems to me that length limits on the values don't make sense, especially
on the patterns: line.  Is there any fundamental reason to not allow
arbitrarily long patterns: lines via continuations in incoming.conf ???

Todd Olson
Cornell University

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