Ricardo Rage Ferro rrferro at
Fri Feb 18 14:59:33 UTC 2000


I'm trying to manipulate the Inn-News code in C, intending to do the INN News (NNRP) and LDAP connection.
I've changed the nnrpd.c (specially the PERMinfile function) code adding LDAP API C functions which would do the authentication against LDAP. I have also changed the syslog to print some useful informations for my debug :-).

Here what I've done:

My application has 2 phases:

(1) First, when PERMinfile is called, first it tests if user and pass (given by the user's popup) is the same as user and pass which is listed in LDAP (instead of checking the server's passwd file, it checks against LDAP).

(2) Second, once the PERMinfile reads the nnrp.access, I use the user field (now addapted with LDAP user's group) to verify if user belongs to this group. I user belongs to group, I grant access only to this specific group.

Does it work ? Would news applicattion use the user name and pass in another archive ?
Do you known anyone who makes this communication ?

Thanks for your attention.


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