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>Hi Miquel.
>On Fri, 18 February 2000 10:19:59 +0000, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> See*
>What is the status of its inclusion in current 2.3.x? I
>think I cannot remember having seen it, 2.3.45 does not
>have it, methinks.

I asked Linus to include it in 2.2, he answered along the lines of
"why don't you rewrite the block layer for 2.3.x so that mmap()ing
 blockdevices is supported natively". Well, that's a bit over my
head at the moment (esp. with the complete pagecache rewrite) but
it might still happen before 2.4 if people like Alexander Viro
feel like implementing it for some reason or the other.

I don't think rawfs itself is ever going into the official kernel,
it's more of a stop-gap measure until direct mmap() on blockdevices
is supported. I do try to make sure that it compiles standalone
without any extra kernel patches so that it's not too hard to
add to an existing system.

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